Fintech Saudi Annual Report

Saudi Fintech Annual Report 2019-2020 The second report of Saudi Fintech provides an overview of the development of the financial technology field in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past year, and despite the challenges we faced in the first half of 2020 as a result of the Corona pandemic.

the year 2019-2020 was a period Pivotal in the field of financial technology in Saudi Arabia, in addition to clarifying the regulations for the payments sector, and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency and the Capital Market Authority continued their efforts in issuing licenses for the regulatory experimental environment and setting the necessary regulations to support financial technology activities and the employment portal to support financial technology companies and the legislative path assessment tool which Designed with the aim of helping Fintech companies better understand the legislative pathways of their activities, as well as the Fintech Research Support Initiative to support data-based innovation in technology.

The Saudi Fintech annual report for this year reviews a number of aspects in the field of financial technology, which includes a general analysis of this field in cooperation with KPMG, and sheds light on the most prominent events of the past year, including the interviews of the legislative experimental environment teams and the financial technology laboratory. It also includes the main themes of the development program The financial sector, in addition to investment deals and some information about fintech companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the MAGNiTT platform.